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Murphy's Laws*


What follows is my private collection of Murphy's laws where the original law was attributed to Murphy. However recent research by a guy called Nagler has revealed that Murphy's Law was propounded not by Murphy but by another guy of the same name. 



For more of those laws, rules, lemmas, principles, mottos, laments, postulates, fallacies, axioms, paradoxes, maxims, observations etc. named by the authors click those tabs below:


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*These laws were collected from several sources in particular from the annual edition of the Murphy's Law Calendar. There are also four books by Arthur Bloch that contain collections: Murphy's Law and other reasons why things go wrong!, Murphy's Law Book Two: more reasons why things go wrong!, Murphy's Law Book Four Three: wrong reasons why things go more! and Murphy's law 2000: What else can go wrong in the 21st century! Please note: the Copyright to calendars and books is with Arthur Bloch. In his last book he writes "that he has followed Bloch's Law of Eponymy: The more insightful the observation, the greater the number of claimants in authorship. We've tried to be as accurate as possible in crediting the Laws, but we're not claiming to be definitive."




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